BM&A provides assistance in both out-of-court and litiga-tion proceedings in all areas of civil law, from the traditional to the newly emerging legal sectors. In matters concerning individuals, families and civil unions, the advice rendered also extends to the relevant cross-border aspects (movement of persons and acquisition of citizenship, establishment and dissolution of family ties in Italy and abroad and the circula-tion of court decisions, prenuptial agreements and trusts).

With respect to inheritance law, in addition to managing dis-putes, BM&A provides advice and assistance in the planning of generational transfers within businesses, family companies and family assets.

In the area of bonds and contracts, BM&A deals with dis-putes relating to the establishment, performance and termina-tion of contractual relationships, particularly with regard to business agreements and in private contracts.The firm special-ises in civil liability and related litigation disputes, including matters pertaining to medical malpractice, general professional liability, pre-contractual liability of public bodies as well as indirect liability of bodies and associations. 

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