and town planning law

BM&A continuously advises and assists numerous Italian and foreign public bodies and private economic operators, representing them before all stages of arbitral and legal pro-ceedings including before the Italian Constitutional Court and the EU Court of Justice.

The key areas of activity include town planning (planning, restrictions, environmental impact assessments, urban rede-velopment and regeneration of disused buildings and degrad-ed areas), construction, state concessions, expropriations, renovation and disposal of public assets, public-private agreements, public and private health, public and mixed com-panies, the concession and management of public services, public and affiliated health facilities. It also advises on matters pertaining to the location and construction of large commer-cial and tourist facilities, due diligence activities and adminis-trative regularisation of real estate assets for Italian and inter-national funds. Assistance also extends to the areas related to the internal organisation of public bodies, advising local au-thorities on supra-municipal planning, administrative and ac-counting responsibility.

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