BM&A provides global legal assistance to companies within the agri-food sector, regardless of whether they are involved in the production, processing or marketing stages. It advises clients on regulatory changes both at international and Euro-pean level. The services offered also include assistance in: managing environmental issues; verification of technical pro-visions relating to the labeling and packaging of products; drafting and negotiation of contracts; managing clients’ rela-tionships with domestic and international customers, suppli-ers, distributors and agents; managing tax and customs re-quirements for EU and non-EU imports and export opera-tions; control of bureaucratic and administrative requirements for the establishment of foreign new-cos; the legal protection of denominations of origin and obtaining quality certifica-tions; suppressing counterfeiting and abuses of protected trademarks and names.

In addition, the agri-food legal team, in conjunction with the e-commerce team, provides assistance to agri-food companies wishing to market their products through self-managed sites, platforms or marketplaces. Such assistance concerns the nego-tiation of B2B contracts, the drafting of general conditions of sale and in the management of the contractual relations. BM&A also assists its clients in protecting their products and corporate image from any harm deriving from social plat-forms and websites

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